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Screen for syphilis in those with risk factors: symptoms of syphilis (including a maculopapular rash typically on … Canadian Guidelines on Sexually Transmitted Infections - Syphilis
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How do you get/give it?  … Syphilis testing is usually done by a blood test. Blood testing for syphilis is available through your health care provider … How do I not get syphilis? …
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warns that a sudden rise in the number of syphilis cases has been seen in the Kenora area.​ … Download and read the full release here...​ …
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Medical Alert: Syphilis There has been an increase over August and September in the incidence rate of syphilis in Kenora. The increased risk may affect …
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if you suspect a diagnosis of syphilis. (Continued on page 2) Resources Testing: Syphilis Serology -Public Health Ontario Syphilis serology …
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 Size: 2MB Epi Summary - April 1 2019 - for web.pdf

Syphilis Epidemiologic Summary 2019Contents Purpose … 2017 was 2.9 per 100,000 per year. Syphilis Epidemiologic Summary 4 Figure 1: Syphilis cases in the NWHU catchment area …
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or oral sex, or direct contact with a syphilis sore. Gillian Lunny, Manager of Sexual Health and Harm Reduction explains that “Syphilis is easily cured with antibiotics when …
 Size: 1MB Releases/Media Release - Increase in Syphilis cases in the Region.pdf Challenges in Lyme Disease Diagnosis and Treatment Ontario College of Family Physicians Annual Scientific Assembly Nov. 24 2016 Doug Sider MD MSc FRCPC Gary …
 Size: 2MB LD Nov 24 2016 Final.pdf