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in drinking water from household plumbing that can introduce lead from lead pipes, lead solder, or fixtures with lead alloys. Lead levels in drinking water increase with acidic and …
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consume game regularly can be exposed to lead when eating animals hunted with lead shots. Other sources of lead can be from breathing in lead fumes …
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Lead shot and lead fishing jigs and sinkers also are an environmental hazard. Lost lead shot, jigs and sinkers add lead to Canada's natural environment each year. …
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The amount of lead in natural water supplies in Canada is very low; however; lead can enter the water supply from lead pipes, lead-containing … How can I lower my risk of lead exposure? …
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Should I be concerned about lead in household dust and soils? … Lead can be found everywhere in our environment. Most of the lead in soils comes from particles falling out of …
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The Board of Health showed its support of the Bill by passing a resolution at its August 28 … Workplaces, Better Jobs Act, 2017 will lead to significantly improved health outcomes for …
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Release September 7, 2017 Bill 148 should lead to better health outcomes for Northwestern … Committee on Finance and Economic Affairs, will lead to a $15 per hour minimum wage in 2019 …
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your skin & eyes Exposure to UV rays can lead to: • Skin cancer • Eye lesions • Skin damage …
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School/Agency name and address or use letterhead … Each week, for four weeks, students will learn … “Developing healthy habits early in life can lead to a lifetime of healthy living” said …
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of skin cancer. Exposure to UV rays can lead to: • Wrinkles • Retinal burns • Skin damage …
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