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consent form updated in sept 2015
 Size: 175KB Immunizarion Consent 2015.pdf

of InfluenzaDear colleague:The first case of influenza has been confirmed for our region. It is a case of influenza B in a senior in Kenora. Actions:• Consider use of …
 Size: 267KB Advisory - Influenza Case 2019.pdf

ca/en/eRepository/Antiviral_Medication_Influenza_Fact_sheet_2016.pdf-Please communicate with the NWHU about any detected influenza-like illnesssymptoms in hospital patients or LTCH …
 Size: 73KB Health Care Provider Alert - Influenza A (H3).pdf

NWHU) reports that a first case of Influenza has been confirmed in the region. Having one … other, non-lab tested cases in the area. Influenza cases this early in the season are rare …
 Size: 312KB Releases/Media Release - Influenza hits NWO early 2018.pdf

 Size: 1MB Letter to HCP. Jan.23.pdf

counts for those with laboratory-confirmed influenza. 4.How many people are hospitalized or die of influenza every year?Influenza and pneumonia are ranked among the top …

test results have shown that there is a case of influenza in the region. It is likely that there are other cases of influenza in the region. Please promote the flu vaccine …
 Size: 1MB alert - probable infuenza case - Oct2018.pdf

Unit (NWHU) reports that a first case of Influenza A has been identified in a community in … to get your flu shot. To prevent influenza, it is recommended that you get a flu shot, cough …
 Size: 70KB Releases/Media Release-Influenza hits Northwestern Ontario.pdf

it protects against four strains -two influenza A strains and two influenza B strains. 4. Who can administer the influenza vaccine? • Regulated health professionals who are …
 Size: 228KB UIIP 6mo-64 QA.PDF

guide-statement-seasonal-influenza-vaccine-2019-2020.html#V2 and;•Public Health Ontario’s Influenza Vaccines for the 2019-20 Influenza Season – Focus on Adults 65 Years of …
 Size: 298KB UIIP 65+ QA.PDF