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holding or smoking lighted tobacco or cannabis? Do you have any additional observations or …
 Size: 3MB Witness Report.pdf

policy issues such as alcohol use, cannabis use, smoke-free spaces, and poverty. “Local …
 Size: 237KB Releases/Media Release - Get informed be heard and Vote (Fall) (002).pdf

eoAno OF HEAL TH MEETJNG MINUTES November 30, 2018 take place at the January meellng, with appointed BOH members receiving lnformallon specl'fic to the role of"each executive position …
 Size: 1MB BOH Minutes - 2018.11.30.pdf

2017PUBLIC HEALTHREPORT CARDp.3 2017 Northwestern Health Unit Who We Are and What We Do Message from the Board of Health Chair Health Equity Message from the Medical Officer of Health …
 Size: 12MB

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Sexual Health and Blood-Borne Infections … The Northwes​tern Health Unit provides the most recent statistics available related to the health status of … Cannabis in the Community Report …
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Cannabis … ere are many different drugs available legally and illegally to a person. For example, alcohol and tobacco are both drugs frequently used by people that can be legally …
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The decisions of the federal government can impact your health and quality of life. Federal leaders can make a difference by supporting programs and policies that allow Canadians to …
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​​​​​​​For curr​ent information and resources for the 2020/21 … never too early to start talking about cannabis with young people. Learn some ways to start … Cannabis Legalization Information …
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​Where you can’t smoke or vape in Ontario … Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care: Smoke-Free … Ontario, Electronic Cigarettes/ Vaping and Cannabis. It will provide contact information of …
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or customizable cartridges can be used to vape everything from e-juices to cannabis … The tobacco industry is spending significant amounts of money to market and promote vapour products …
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