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Climate Change and Health … Call or visit us for more … Health before pregnancy and reproductive health. … Oral health and free dental services. … Quitting smoking. … Child and Family Health
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people get active through community design. In March and April 2015 the NWHU did a study on the oral health needs of vulnerable adults in our area. The results …
 Size: 76KB Releases/Media Release- NWHU Year End 2015.pdf

Alex Berry attended a teleconference with the Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care to review our Accountability Agreement and the health protection indicators included in the …
 Size: 130KB Meeting Minutes Feb.22.13.pdf

other members of the First Nations Public Health Working Group representing First Nations, Health Canada, Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care, and Dr …
 Size: 159KB Meeting Minutes Feb. 23 2012.pdf

D. Brown P. Ryan BOARD OF HEALTH MEETING … How to create a BUZZ in the business of public health • Chief Medical Officer for Ontario—report on oral health • Public health and primary …
 Size: 139KB Meeting Minutes April 20.12.pdf

along with removal of the "Preventive Oral Health Services Protocol" and "CINOT Protocol". Key activities from both …
 Size: 85KB FINAL BOH Minutes.pdf

Children Schedule 8 -Speech, Hearing and Vision Programs Schedule 9 -Student Nutrition Program Schedule 10 -Children's Oral Health Initiative Schedule 11-Part 8 Schedule 12 -Other …
 Size: 3MB Financial Statements.pdf

Ahead of the Curve?-A Unified Public Oral Health Program for Ontario”. The session panel discussed the numerous dental and oral health programs that have been developed over time in …
 Size: 141KB Meeting Minutes May 25.12.pdf

to be Chair of the Board of Health for 2012. 5.1.4 Call for Nominations: Position of Vice-Chair John Albanese, Russ Fortier and Julie Roy consented to let their name …
 Size: 175KB Meeting Minutes Jan. 20.12.pdf

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Quitting smoking. … with diabetes should see their doctor or health care provider on a very regular basis to … Oral health and footcare (to prevent infection and complications). …
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