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Anxiety Canada. The Centre for Addiction and Mental Health (CAMH) also has plenty of good information about topics related to mental health and COVID-19​, such as coping with stress …
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‘A state of well-being in which an … person can have a mental illness and experience good mental health. Alternatively, individuals can have poor mental health with no mental illness. …
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Staying socially connected during the COVID-19 pandemic can be … more information on staying connected visit the Canadian Coalition for Seniors Mental Health​.​ … Health Topics A-Z …
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The COVID-19 pandemic can be especially … also put together a COVID-19 Youth Mental Health Resource Hub​ for information and resources on mental health all in one place … Health Topics A-Z …
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Maintaining good mental health in the workplace can be particularly difficult during the … Here are some tips that you … For more information, check out COVID-19 and mental health @ work.​ …
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50% of Canadians find their workplace … For this reason, providing a workplace health program that supports mental health is very important. … Ideas to promote mental health in the workplace …
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Eat well – Fuel your body with … their managers if they were experiencing a mental health issue. If you are struggling with mental health issues there’s nothing wrong with asking for …
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Health Topics A-Z … on navigating the adult criminal justice system, mental health court system as well as the drug …
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Key health indicators in the report show children and youth living in Northwestern Ontario are facing mental health challenges at a far greater rate than youth …
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and youth in Ontario experience a mental health challenge (MCYS, 2016). The Centre for Addictions and Mental Health (CAMH) reported that youth aged 15-24 were more …
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