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or more. • A third of students had used marijuana in the past year, and a quarter had used … 11 and 12 students claimed they used marijuana every day. These results provide us with …
 Size: 1MB report 2014 w cover-website.pdf

The Northwestern Health Unit has released a report with the results of school health surveys … It measures tobacco use, alcohol and marijuana use, physical activity, nutrition, obesity …
 Size: 75KB Releases/Media Release-School Health Survey September 2014.pdf

stands for Cohort study on Obesity, Marijuana use, Physical activity, Alcohol use, Smoking …
 Size: 106KB Meeting Minutes Sept.14.12.pdf

Guidance for Boarding Homes: Return to School Adapted with permission of TBDHU Contents Background … 13 Background With COVID-19 still present in our catchment area, this year’s back to …
 Size: 246KB for Boarding Homes_NWHU.pdf

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ere are many different drugs available legally and illegally to a person. For example … (like marijuana, cocaine, and heroine) alter a person's state and can be very harmful to the …
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Young people have a right to access accurate and age-appropriate information about cannabis use. Parents, guardians, educators … CCSA, Marijuana and Youth website … CCSA, Marijuana and Yout …
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​Public health inspectors at the Northwestern Health Unit are involved in the management of … assist local authorities and police following the discovery of marijuana grow operations. …
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aged 15–24 reported driving after using marijuana during the past year, compared to 9.4 … CCSA, Parents: Help your teen understand what’s fact and fiction about marijuana infographic …
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The health unit has established a partnership with Propel Centre for Population Health Impact, a … COMPASS (Cohort study, Obesity, Marijuana use, Physical activity, Alcohol use, Smoking …
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​Drugs are chemical substances that alter the normal functioning of a person's body and/or brain. Not all drugs are illegal. For example, people can use and purchase alcohol and tobacco …
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