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Web Page
Influenza incidence rates in the NWHU area were significantly different than Ontario rates … Influenza case counts by sex, NWHU, 2009-2013 … Influenza case counts, by age group, 2009-2013 …
 Size: 53KB duplicates

Web Page
Symptoms of influenza (the flu) include: … Sudden onset of high fever lasting 3-5 days. … Headache and muscle pain that is often severe. … Cough with or without sore throat, runny or stuffy …
 Size: 43KB

consent form updated in sept 2015
 Size: 175KB Immunizarion Consent 2015.pdf

ca/en/eRepository/Antiviral_Medication_Influenza_Fact_sheet_2016.pdf-Please communicate with the NWHU about any detected influenza-like illnesssymptoms in hospital patients or LTCH …
 Size: 73KB Health Care Provider Alert - Influenza A (H3).pdf

ANNEX A PANDEMIC INFLUENZA PLANNING Revised Plan DRAFT #5 August 2010 ANNEX A Pandemic Table … As per OHPIP, “in the event of an influenza pandemic, the threat will not be limited to a …
 Size: 382KB

 Size: 1MB Consent Form.pdf

including nasopharyngeal viral swab for influenza and other respiratory viruses and serology …
 Size: 76KB Information Advisory - Mumps Update November 30 2016.pdf

Northwestern Health Unit Annual Infectious Disease Report 2014 Infectious Disease Trends in the NWHU, 2014 Table of Contents About the report … 19 Figure 18: Hepatitis C cases by month …
 Size: 295KB infectious disease report 2014.pdf

on Immunization. Statement on Seasonal Influenza Vaccine for 2014-2015 3 World Health Organization. Influenza. 2008 …
 Size: 191KB

Linked to on the public health emergency handbooks page … human papillomavirus (HPV); inactivated influenza (TIV); meningococcal conjugate (MCV); and …
 Size: 3MB