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is an infection that is caused by a fungus. The infection causes a rash, which may be … as lesions are present and viable. The fungus can stay viable on contaminated items such as …
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Blastomyces dermatitidis is a dimorphic fungus that causes Blastomycosis disease. The fungus is more common in Northwestern Ontario …
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of Blastomycosis. Disturbed soil makes the fungus airborne, allowing it to be inhaled. The fungus travels from the lungs into Environmental Health while …
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Some people who come into contact with the fungus will not get sick at all, but others may … tell your doctor you may have been exposed to the fungus that can cause Blastomycosis. …
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overgrowth or an overproduction of a fungus called Candida. Candida is naturally occurring … When the Candida begin to grow too quickly, they may develop into candidiasis. Candida can …
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The Northwestern Health Unit works to detect and identify health hazards in our region and provide residents with information about how to avoid exposure and prevent illness that can …
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​Mould are fungi that grow in damp conditions.  There are over 10,000 documented species of mould, and airborne mould spores are present both inside and outside.  …
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