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wants to know more about opinions of cannabis legalization and its impacts on the community … as well as in the work we do with community partners related to cannabis and substance use. …
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wants to know how people feel about cannabis in the community. We are asking members of the … Download and view the full media release here... …
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unconcerned Very unconcerned Chronic cannabis use Violence Cannabis impaired driving Underage cannabis use How easy or hard it is to purchase cannabis Crime …
 Size: 96KB Cannabis in the Community Public Survey.pdf

Cannabis in the Community Research Question: What are the perceptions of cannabis use and cannabis-related benefits or harms among community members …
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wants to know how people feel about cannabis in the community. We are asking members of the … about public health policies that influence cannabis use in our communities. Anyone living …
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2017PUBLIC HEALTHREPORT CARDp.3 2017 Northwestern Health Unit Who We Are and What We Do Message from the Board of Health Chair Health Equity Message from the Medical Officer of Health …
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Cannabis is set to be legalized October 17th for people over 19 years of age. Your child may have questions about cannabis use. It’s never too early or late to … Fall is a great time to …
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The Tobacco Vendors' Newsletter is produced once per year by … be of use to tobacco vendors.  It … Ontario, Electronic Cigarettes/ Vaping and Cannabis.  It will provide contact information …
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​Drugs are chemical substances that alter the normal functioning of a person's body and/or brain. Not all drugs are illegal. For example, people can use and purchase alcohol and tobacco …
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