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term exposure to very high levels of arsenic can lead to diarrhea, vomiting, skin rash, and … or 'slimes' can have elevated levels of heavy metals such as arsenic, antimony or cadmium. …
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What kind of chemicals can be found in drinking water? … Arsenic is a natural occurring element that is found in rocks. Arsenic can be found in the water from the … Sodium is one of the most …
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BOARD OF HEALTH FOR THE NORTHWESTERN HEALTH UNIT MINUTES of the Regular Board of Health Meeting May 24, 2013 Dryden Best Western Centennial Meeting Room …
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Is arsenic a health hazard? Long term exposure may increase risk of certain types of cancers … Arsenic can be found in the water from the breakdown of rocks or from deposits of mining …
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​Public health inspectors at the Northwestern Health Unit address concerns relating to heavy metals and radiation. The Northwestern Health Unit region is rich in natural … Arsenic in soils …
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The Northwestern Health Unit works to detect and identify health hazards in our region and … Learn more about arsenic, lead, mercury, uranium and other potential hazards in your home. …
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