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Workplace Health

Working conditions can have a major effect on health. The Northwestern Health Unit offers a comprehensive workplace health promotion program to help workplaces and the people that work in them get healthier.
Workplace health promotion is a way of doing better business – whether you’re large or small. Your workplace can see real results in real time. Imagine the possibilities for your organization.  Workplace health promotion covers 3 main areas:
Occupational health and safety
Reduce the risks from chemical and physical hazards in the workplace. For example, making sure that people have ergonomic computer workstations and all workers have the necessary safety equipment to do the job.
Individual health practices
Influence people’s lifestyle choices such as tobacco use, physical activity, immunization and nutrition.
Organizational change 
Improve the organizational climate, including things like leadership practices, management style, social support, and the way that work is organized. 
Successful programs offer a combination of activities from all 3 areas. They also use several different strategies to do this – awareness building, education and skill building, environmental support and policy development.

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    I work late hours because of shift work. When is the best time for me to eat meals?
    ​Try to eat meals according to the time of day, not your shift. For example if you are working nights, eat your main meal before your shift begins. Try to aim for between 5 and 7pm. Have healthy snacks that include carbohydrate and protein during ...