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2018 Healthy Workplace Month Wellness Challenge

October is Healthy Workplace Month and the Northwestern Health Unit is inviting you to participate in our 6th Annual Workplace Wellness Challenge. The goal of the challenge is to encourage workplaces in the Kenora and Rainy River Districts to make employee health and well-being a priority. Many of us spend a significant portion of our day at work. Taking positive steps towards increasing our physical activity, eating healthy, getting more rest and spending quality time with family and friends can significantly increase our happiness and productivity at work.

Workplaces are encouraged to take part in the challenge by designating a team captain and recruiting employees to participate. The challenge begins on October 1st and runs through October 26th. Participants track the number of healthy activities they do throughout the month including how much physical activity they are doing, how many fruits and veggies they are eating and how many hours of sleep they are getting; each activity is assigned a point value. Regional and local prizes will be given to workplaces that rank the highest based on average points earned per participant.

Registration is open until Friday, September 28, 2018. Click here to register:

Workplace Wellness Challenge Materials (downloadable PDF forms):

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