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Get Active at Work

Employees who lead healthy, active lifestyles are more likely to feel healthy, have more energy and be more productive in the workplace. 
Since we spend a large part of our waking hours at working, workplaces are the perfect setting to promote active living and overall healthy habits to your employees.
Benefits of active living at work 
There are many benefits for both employers and employees when opportunities to be physically active are provided through the workplace.
Successful workplace initiatives
Modest investments have helped some businesses make active choices easy choices for their employees. For example:
  • Access to bike racks, showers and change areas
  • Lifestyle health and wellness newsletters that provide information on community resources.
  • Company recreational events such as lunchtime walking programs, activity days, support for summer active campaigns/activities, ski days, golf days and team sports.
  • Flex time to allow employees to participate in physical activity.
  • Shared or subsidized programs in cooperation with community or private fitness centres.
Download the Workplace Physical Activity Kit for ideas, resources, activities and policies for your workplace and learn more about how to get your workplace moving.
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