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What to Expect During an Appointment

You can expect a private and confidential visit with a public health nurse or doctor where you can openly and safely discuss your sexual health.  Our staff are friendly, respectful, and committed to client care.
Our Sexual Health Clinic is by appointment, walk-ins will be seen if a nurse/doctor is available.
You may schedule an appointment with a program assistant where all your information is kept confidential. At the clinic you will be asked to provide some general contact information when you sign in.  Please bring your Health Card if you have one.
During your appointment you will be asked questions about your medical and sexual history.  It is important to answer honestly as what you say can affect the advice, testing, and treatment you are offered.
Testing may involve:
  • A urine sample (Please do not urinate 1 hour before your appointment).
  • A blood sample.
  • Swabs from the vagina/penis.
  • An examination of your genitals.

The Northwestern Health Unit sexual health clinics provide free, confidential sexual health counseling, support and services. Check the Sexual Health Clinic sites page to find a clinic near you