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Talking to your Parents About Sex

In our world today, we are surrounded by information about our bodies, sex and sexuality. This can come from friends, movies, advertisements, magazines and society. It is totally natural to be curious and have questions about sex, relationships, and deciding whether or not to have sex. 

Sometimes it might feel easier to talk to people your own age about sex but they probably do not have all the answers to the questions you need to ask. Have you ever thought about asking your parents or an adult you trust about sex?

Your parents are a great resource for information about sex and relationships. They have more experience with the topic than you do and even if they do not know the answer to your questions, they will know where to find them.

You might not always agree with everything your parents have to say, but that does not mean they are automatically wrong.  You might also feel like your parents are too strict or have different ideas about what you should or should not do.  This is because they care about you and the decisions you make. They were young once too.  Your parents can help you learn more about sex and making good decisions.  You might be surprised just how open they are about having these talks.

The decision to have sex is a big deal. What you choose to do is your call, but it’s a good idea to really think it through. Talk to a few people about the way you feel before you decide on anything.

Starting the conversation 

It might feel weird to tell your mom or dad that you want to talk about sex. Try asking them at a time when they are not busy instead of when they are just about to leave the house. You can try saying something like this to help get the conversation started:

  • "We are going to be talking about sex in school this year, but I don't really know that much about it."
  • "We talked about sex in class today. I learned a lot of new stuff."
  • "I heard some kids talking about sex today. They said that...(mention something you want to know about sex)... is that true?"


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You can contact your local Sexual Health Clinic to get more information about this and many more topics.