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Sexual Health

Northwestern Health Unit sexual health clinics provide free, confidential sexual health counseling, support and services. 

Birth control
Learn about the options to prevent pregnancy and how to connect with  a public health nurse to talk about what is right for you.

Healthy relationships
Get informed about deciding to have sex or not, abusive relationships, safer sex, and what to do if you have been assaulted.

LGBT2SQ+ Supports and Services
Learn about l
esbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and two spirit sexuality, your journey and resources available to support you.

Sexually Transmitted Infections (STIs)
Learn about how STIs are spread, and the different types of infection. 

Confidential sexual health testing
Learn about the health unit confidential STI and pregnancy testing services and how to book your appointment.  

Cervical cancer screening
Regular screening can help detect cervical cancer early. Learn more about screening and new Pap test guidelines for women.

Services in your community
The sexual health services offered by the health unit are different depending on the community.

Public Health Question
  • Q:
    What should I do if I find a needle in my community?
    ​Should you encounter a needle in your workplace or community, follow these steps to dispose of the needle properly and ensure safety for yourself and others. If possible use gloves and tongs to pick-up the needle. Never put the cap back on a need...