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  • Sioux Lookout Pride

In the Community


Pride is the positive stance against discrimination and violence toward LGBT2SQ+ people, in order to promote their dignity and rights, increase their visibility as a social group, build community, and celebrate sexual diversity and gender variance. June is recognized as LGBT2SQ+ Pride month, and as a result, many public Pride events are held during this month.

In 2016, the NWHU recognized and supported Kenora Pride and Sioux Lookout Pride events. The NWHU continues to be a recognized ally of Pride events in our region.

Kenora Positive Spaces Alliance
The NWHU supports the Kenora Positive Spaces Alliance (also known as Safe Spaces) by providing a meeting room for the group weekly. The Kenora Positive Spaces Alliance strives to create and advocate for positive spaces and inclusive services for LGBT2SQ+ populations within the region.

PFlag is a support group for parents, family or friends of LGBT2SQ+ people. The NWHU supports PFlag groups around the region with funding and use of space.

Social Justice League
The Social Justice League is a group started in 2016 at Beaver Brae Secondary School, run by a teacher and a NWHU Public Health Nurse. The group discusses issues regarding inequality and is committed to discussing intersectionality and creating awareness of various forms of oppression.
Meetings are every Tuesday at Beaver Brae Secondary School in room 304 at 11:20am. If you are a student who is interested, please contact Becky Shorrock, Public Health Nurse,

Community Education
NWHU staff can give presentations in schools or to community groups or organizations providing information and education on LGBT2SQ+, for those wishing to learn more. These presentations are available upon request, and will be subject to time. To learn more, contact Becky Shorrock, Public Health Nurse,

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