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Deciding whether or not to have sex

The reasons to decide to have sex or not have sex are unique to everyone. Sex can be enjoyable but can also have some unhealthy consequences. Abstinence means choosing not to have sex.
Unhealthy consequences of sex include:

If you choose to have sex the following should be true: 

  • You are in a relationship based on mutual respect.
  • You have talked with your partner about having sex and what it would mean for you both.
  • You have planned for ways have safer sex and to keep you both safe (condoms, birth control).
Reasons not to have sex:
  • You are feeling pressured by your partner.
  • You have not planned in advance to protect yourself and your partner (condoms, birth control).
  • You are not sure it is the right decision for you.
The health unit has sexual health clinics that can help you prior to having sex. Here are some reasons to attend our Sexual Health Clinic before you have sex:
  • Questions about puberty.
  • Questions about sexuality.
  • Healthy relationship questions.
  • Drug and alcohol questions.
  • Free condoms.
  • Access to low cost birth control.
  • Sexually transmitted infection information and testing.
Healthy relationships
You should never feel pressured to have sex. Sex is not necessary to share a healthy relationship with your partner. Learn more about healthy relationships and whether you are in one.
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