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Abusive Relationships

The opposite of a healthy, equal relationship is an abusive relationship. Abusive relationships revolve around control, fear, and lack of respect. Usually, one partner has control while the other lives in resentment or fear.
What does an abusive relationships look like?
Abusive relationships can involve 4 different types of abuse:
  • Emotional – manipulation, threats, blaming, guilt-tripping, jealousy, controlling every aspect of the relationship.
  • Physical - hitting, slapping, kicking, or throwing things.
  • Verbal – yelling, screaming, name-calling.
  • Sexual – forced sex/sexual assault, unwanted touching, fear of saying no to sex.
If you suspect you are in an abusive relationship, there is a good chance you are. Perhaps you know deep down that you would be better off without the relationship but are afraid to leave it. You can get help and support from a parent, school counsellor, doctor, nurse, social worker, or anyone else you trust.
     Where to go for Help:
     Legal Aid Ontario-
     toll-free at