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Tips for Preventing the Spread of Disease in Schools and Child Care Centres

Reinforcing the following infection prevention and control measures will also help prevent the transmission of infectious disease: 
  • Reinforce hand hygiene and respiratory etiquette with staff and students.
  • Recommend schools and child care centres consider posting signage and send letters informing parents to keep their children home if they exhibit signs of fever, respiratory or gastro-enteric type illness.
  • Encourage staff to get their annual flu shot
  • Employees will use, teach, model and encourage use of routine practices.
  • Isolate and/or send home any child who arrives or becomes ill at school or child care centre.
  • Ensure adequate supplies of soap, ABHR, paper towel and facial tissue.
  • Daily reporting of absentee rates over 10% to the NWHU.
  • Staff members should stay home when they are ill.
  • Water bottles should not be shared among sport team players.
  • Mouthpieces on musical instruments used by more than one student should be cleaned and disinfected as per standard practices recommended for the instrument. Encouraging students to have their own mouthpiece may be advisable.