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Student Nutrition Program Funding

The Student Nutrition Program (SNP) at the Northwestern Health Unit works with local communities to provide nutritious, school-based meal and snack programs to children and youth to support healthy growth and development.
The SNP is funded by the Ontario Ministry of Children and Youth Services (MCYS). The Northwestern Health unit co-ordinates the program in the Kenora/Rainy River District. The NWHU is a member of Student Nutrition Ontario, an organization that links SNPs across the province.
School meal and snack programs are community-driven initiatives, often run by volunteers. Each program is tailored to the particular needs of local children, youth and families. The people who make and serve the meals are usually parents, teachers and school principals who are not paid for their work.
These local programs are funded by parents, corporate sponsors, local charities, communities, and the SNP program and are encouraged to follow the principles and best practices for meal and snack programs in Ontario. Food served must meet the MCYS Nutrition Guidelines. Watch a brief video about the nutrition guidelines here.

SNP grants are limited to no more than 15% of the total estimated cost to run the local program. MCYS funding is meant to encourage the establishment of local programs and then to facilitate community participation in the development and delivery of local meal and snack programs.
The role of the Northwestern Health Unit is to:
  • Co-ordinate the distribution of MCYS and charitable funds available to local meal and snack programs.
  • Receive and process grant requests from the local communities and schools.
  • Participate in regional and provincial partnerships and fund-raising that supports local programs.
  • Provide local programs with support and resources regarding meal and snack programs, including information such as nutrition information, meal and snack menus and resources about managing volunteers.
Find out more about eligibility and how and when to apply for funding and complete reporting.
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