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Sexual and Reproductive Health School Services

Sexual health services
The health unit provides sexual health services right in high schools across the region. Click here to view the Sexual Health Clinic hours.

The health unit also provides school services, such as sexual health presentations and resource distribution and information related to safer sex, LGBTT, healthy relationships and birth control. 

LGBTT information for educators
Find out more about providing a supportive school environment and resources for supporting students.

Reproductive health services
The health unit has curriculum supports and resources available for teachers on reproductive and preconception health topics. Public health nurses can provide presentations to students in classes with content that is related to preconception health (i.e., parenting class). 

One resource often shared with students is the Reproductive Life Plan. This resource encourages students to look at their health and plans for the future. This resource can be downloaded from the Healthy Before Pregnancy page.
For more information, contact your local health unit office.