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Sexual Health Resources for Educators

The Northwestern Health Unit can provide valuable support to teachers in delivering sexual health curriculum. The health unit takes a comprehensive and positive approach to all aspects of sexuality.
Teaching kits are available to borrow from your local health unit office and include many teaching tools and items to assist with sexual health curriculum. Presentations are also available by request from a public health nurse on various topics including but not limited to:  
  • Body image and self esteem.
  • Puberty.
  • Abstinence and healthy relationships.
  • Healthy sexuality.
  • Birth control.
  • Sexually transmitted infections (STI).
  • Blood borne infections (BBI).
  • Harm reduction services (including needle exchange, safer drug practices and overdose prevention).
The health unit has many free, helpful resources that can assist you in teaching sexual health or to have available for students. This includes reading materials and DVD’s.
Sexual Health services are free of charge and are available to students, teachers and parents. The services are confidential, non-judgmental and offer a supportive environment. For a full list of the services we provide please click here or visit your local office.