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School Health


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Healthy Schools

Healthy learners are better learners and we are your partner in school health. Here you will find health information, resources and links for elementary and secondary schools.

Healthy students learn better because they attend school more regularly; feel better about themselves; and get along better with peers, teachers and parents.
Healthy school communities:
  • Recognize that health and learning are closely linked.
  • Understand that schools directly influence health and behaviours.
  • Encourage and enable healthy choices for all.
  • Incorporate health into all aspects of the school environment and learning.
  • Involve students, school staff, families, and community partners.
There are many ways a school can make improvements to the school climate – from encouraging active routes to school, to implementing healthy classroom rewards, to providing healthy snacks at school, there are so many options to get on the path to a healthier school. 
 Foundations for a Healthy School
  1. Quality instruction and programs.
  2. A healthy physical environment.
  3. Supportive social environment.
  4. Community partnerships.
Ready to make a change?
The Joint Consortium for School Health, Healthy Schools Planner is a free online tool that schools can use to assess the current health environment and build a plan to make improvements. Health Unit staff can support schools, parent councils and fundraising groups to use the Healthy School Planner. Email or call your local office for more information.

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