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School-Based Physical Activity Programs

​The following are school-based physical activity programs available to schools through the Northwestern Health Unit. Contact your local Northwestern Health Unit for more information.
Playground Activity Leaders in Schools is a playground leadership program that encourages all children to participate in recess activities regardless of their gender, size or ability. The objectives of the program are to:
  • Increase physical activity.
  • Decrease conflict and reduce the incidence of playground bullying.
  • Provide leadership opportunities for students in grades 5-7.
Student leaders, chosen from grades 5, 6 and or 7, are trained to provide games and activities for younger students in grades K-3. In kid language, "it's a program to get kids in your school up and running, having fun, learning new games and making new friends".
Playground Stencils
Transform your playground into an exciting and active area filled with games children love to play. Playground stencils are free to borrow and application and game instructions are available with each stencil.
Active and Safe Routes to Schools
The health unit wants to work with schools, families and parents to encourage more children to walk and bike to and from school. This year, health unit staff will be linking with local schools to learn more about ways to promote active safe routes to school. 
There are numerous benefits when more children walk and cycle to school including increased physical activity, less traffic congestion around the school, calmer streets and skill development. Find out how and why kids should walk, wheel or roll to school.
Contact us about planning, activities and tools designed to guide parents, stakeholders and students in creating a safe and active route for the whole school. Your school can choose to take part in any number of great programs or activities such as:
  • International Walk to School Month
  • Winter Walk Day
  • Spring Into Spring
  • The IWALK Club
  • No Idling at School
  • The Walking School Bus
  • School Transportation Planning
The Active and Safe Routes to School website provides resources, tools, information and links for schools and communities to create their own unique Active and Safe Routes to School program. All resources for teachers are linked to the Ontario Curriculum using the Curriculum Unit planner.