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Hand Washing School Kits

Glitterbug hand washing kits are available in all schools to assist with hand washing education in a fun way.
Glitterbug kits include:
  • Glitterbug products which contain fluorescent particles
  • an ultraviolet black light and batteries
  • an instruction manual that provides instructions on use as well as some ideas for classroom activities.
  • Rude to germs stickers
  • How to hand wash poster
  • 2 Glitterbug hand brushes
  • Glitterbug Champion Medallion
With the help of the UV light the Glitterbug products will turn blue when there are germs on the hands. These tools will help demonstrate that normal, good hand washing will get rid of most germs. Most people will have some residual fluorescence around the fingernails and in skin creases. Hands are considered very clean when there is no remaining UV fluorescence.
If your school's kit is low on or out of Glitterbug lotion, speak to a Northwestern Health Unit Public Health Nurse to get more.