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Frequency of Cleaning and Disinfecting for Schools and Child Care Centres

Cleaning in Schools and Child Care Centres
Minimizing germs found on surfaces by using proper cleaning and disinfection techniques is one way we can prevent the spread of infectious disease. 
Cleaning – Is the process of removing dirt, grime and germs from objects and surfaces, using detergent and water. Wiping and scrubbing with detergent and water removes visible soil and some germs and allows disinfectants to reach any germs that are left behind.
Disinfection – Or sanitization, is putting a disinfectant solution on surfaces so that any germs left behind after the cleaning step are destroyed.
Enhanced Cleaning - Enhanced cleaning practices should be used whenever there are high rates of absenteeism due to respiratory or gastro-enteric illness. Routine cleaning should continue, adding twice-daily cleaning of objects and surfaces that are likely to contribute spreading the disease.

Household chlorine bleach is the most common chemical used to disinfect objects and surfaces in child care settings. Click here for instructions on mixing concentrations of chlorine bleach disinfectant solutions.
Cleaning and Disinfection Tips:


​Disinfect Enhanced


Food prep
​X ​X ​before & after each use
Utility sinks​ ​X ​X ​after each use
Blenders, food processors & can openers​ ​X ​X ​after each use
​Change tables without paper X X after each use
​Babies' plastic mouthed toys ​X X ​after each use
Change tables with paper liner, diaper pails X
​X ​X daily and when soiled ​Discard paper after each change.  Clean and sanitize if surface becomes soiled
Hand-washing sinks​ ​X ​X ​X daily and when soiled
X ​X ​X ​daily and when soiled
​Floors ​X daily and when soiled ​Sweep/vacuum and mop using detergent & water or a combined cleaner / disinfectant solution
​Countertops, sinks & fixtures ​X ​X X ​daily and when soiled
Student desks ​X ​X ​daily and when soiled
​Drinking fountains ​X ​X ​X ​daily and when soiled
​Doorknobs, light switches, railings, telephones, computer mice & keyboards X
X X daily and when soiled
High chair trays​ ​X ​X ​daily and when soiled
​Stovetops & table tops ​X ​X daily and when soiled
​Carpets ​X
​daily and when soiled ​Vacuum daily, clean as needed and shampoo every 3 months
​Shared plastic toddler toys ​X ​X ​X daily and when soiled
Activity centres & play mats​ ​X ​X ​X ​daily and when soiled
​Water tables ​X ​X ​X ​daily and when soiled
​Shared puzzles & board books ​X ​X ​X daily and when soiled ​Only clean before disinfecting if visibly soiled
​Microwaves ​X ​X ​weekly and when soiled
Bedding, cots, mats, pillows ​X ​X ​X weekly and when soiled ​Launder. Where possible, reserve for use by one child
​Garbage containers (inside) ​X ​X weekly and when soiled ​Clean whenever garbage has leaked
​Gym mats ​X ​X ​weekly and when soiled
​Desk chairs ​X ​X ​weekly and when soiled
​Sand table toys ​X ​X ​weekly and when soiled
Refrigerators X ​monthly and when soiled ​Clean out the freezer every 6 months
​Ovens ​X monthly and when soiled ​Clean
​Woodwork & cubbies ​X ​monthly and when soiled ​Damp wipe
​Garbage containers (outside) ​X monthly and when soiled ​Clean whenever garbage has leaked
​Drapes, curtains and blinds ​X monthly and when soiled ​Vacuum, launder or dry clean yearly
​Air vents ​X ​monthly and when soiled ​Vacuum
​Windows ​X monthly and when soiled ​Wash inside & out at least twice a year
​Door ledges and shelves ​X ​monthly and when soiled ​Damp wipe