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Balanced Day: Lunches and Snacks

​Children’s meals can be balanced out in a variety of ways.  Talk with your child about which foods they prefer when planning their meals for school.  It is important to include a variety of healthy foods and to consider their unique eating habits, likes, dislikes and appetite.  There are different ways you can plan out meals/snacks for school breaks depending on your child’s needs.

  • Check with your school for a list of foods that cannot be sent to school with your child due to food allergies.​

Examples of balanced meals for school breaks: 

Vegetables / Fruit​ ​Whole Grains ​Protein
Lunc​h ​Pizza (vegetables) or Cucumber slices ​Pizza (whole wheat) ​Pizza (cheese or chicken)
​Tortilla Wrap (spinach and shredded carrot) ​Tortilla Wrap (whole grain ​​or whole wheat)  ​Tortilla Wrap (hummus or bean spread)
​Sandwich (tomato slices and lettuce) ​Sandwich (whole grain or whole wheat toast) ​Sandwich (cheese or lean turkey or chicken breast)
​​Snack ​ ​ ​Apple slices or Berries ​Granola mix (whole grain oats) Granola mix (nuts and seeds)​
​Apple sauce Crackers​ Cheese​
Fruit & Oat Muffins (blueberry or banana)​ ​Fruit & Oat Muffins (whole grain oats) ​Fruit & Oat Muffins (eggs)
Beverage: Provide children with water or milk at each school break. Learn more here - Health drink choices​.  

Helpful hints:

  • Put each meal into separate bags and label them “Break One” and “Break Two”. This will help your children to understand which foods have been packed for which break.  
  • Make it simple. Make lunches and snacks the night before instead of during a hectic morning. 
  • Pack your pantry with lunch friendly foods. Apple sauce is a great treat to keep on hand.  

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