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Active School Travel in Northwestern Ontario

​Active to School is a program geared toward encouraging families to choose ‘active transportation’ for the trip to and from school. Active transportation refers to any form of human-powered (non-motorized) travel such as walking, biking, wheelchair, scooter, or skateboard to get to/from school. Students who are driven can also get involved. Students driven to school can also be dropped off in a safe zone a few blocks from the school where they can walk part of the way. Students who ride the bus to and from school can practice active transportation to/from their bus stop. It’s a win-win for parents, students and schools.

Walk, Wheel, Roll and WIN a​ new bike!

We’re challenging students and families in Northwestern Ontario to try active travel to school.  

Post a picture of your active travel to school for a chance to win a new bike and other prizes

​Post here to win:​ and

Why should kids walk or ​bike to school?

There are so many benefits for students including physical, mental, environmental, independence, safety, fun and happiness. Find out more about all the benefits:​

Safety and resources to help families plan their active route to school:

Safety remains an important consideration when using active transportation, and it is done at the parent/guardian’s discretion. More information and resources on how to plan a safe and active trip to school:

Important tips to maximize safety during COVID-19:

  • Physical distancing should be maintained where possible.  Stay at least 2 metres (or 6 feet) away from other people whenever possible. 
  • If physical distancing is difficult to maintain, wear a mask.
  • Travel on foot or by bike rather than by car if you are not on the bus.
  • If walking in a group, stick with students who live in the same house or are in the same classroom.

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