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Staying Safe with a Babysitter

Leaving your child with a babysitter can make you worry even if you have made your home as safe as possible. Your child is more likely to get hurt if you babysitter is inexperienced or does not know your child or your home. Here are some steps to help you start a babysitter checklist. Have your babysitter come a bit early so that you can go over your list together. If you will be hard to reach while you are out leave the name and number of a relative, neighbor or friend. Make sure to check that the person will be at home while you are out.

Make sure your babysitter knows:
  • How to lock outside doors
  • Not to leave your child alone
  • What to do in case of an emergency
  • How to deal with phone calls or visitors
  • Where to find the fire extinguisher and how to use it
  • Where to find a working flashlight, phone and first-aid kit
  • How to use appliances or equipment such as microwave, stove, heating controls and answering machine.
Help your sitter get to know your child
To keep your child safe, you sitter needs to know what your child can do. For example, can your toddler climb the stairs or go to the bathroom alone? Can you baby eat solid foods or sit up without help? Make sure that your sitter knows what your child can and cannot do.