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Playground Safety

Playground injuries can be serious, ranging from fractured bones to brain and spinal injuries that result largely from falls. Playground deaths are rare in Canada and are almost always caused by strangulation. These injuries can be prevented by using equipment that meets current safety standards, ensuring there is a deep, soft surface under the equipment and by encouraging active parental or caregiver supervision while children are at play.

There are important things you can do to keep your child safe like having them remove helmets, scarves and drawstrings before using the playground. Teach children these simple rules about playground safety:
  • Wait your turn.
  • Slide down feet first.
  • Don't go up the slide ladder until the other person has gone down the slide.
  • Hold on to railings.
  • Sit down on swings and slides.
  • Keep away from moving swings and the bottom of slides.
Remember: always make sure to supervise your children while they are playing.

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