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Impaired Driving

​Impaired driving is the act of operating a motor vehicle (this includes ATVs and off-road vehicles) under the influence of drugs or alcohol. Impaired driving, or drinking and driving, can have very serious consequences for the driver, their passengers and the lives of others.

Prevent drinking and driving
Decide on a 'designated driver' or DD who will remain sober for the night and provide safe rides home or take a taxi or stay overnight at a friend's house.

If you are hosting:

  • Collect guest's car keys at the beginning of the night so that you are sure no one drives home drunk.
  • Prepare for and encourage overnight guests.
  • Keep spare cash on hand so you can help friends pay for taxis home.

Drivers who are pulled over by the police and found to be under the influence of alcohol or drugs can have their license suspended or vehicle impounded. Worse still, drunk driving can result in collisions that end in serious injury or death for drivers, passengers and other people involved in the collision.


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