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Protect Others from Infection

When you have a fever and your body feels achy, it is not pleasant but it is a sign that your body’s defense system is working; this also means you are probably quite contagious if the symptoms are new.
Stay home

Stay home and avoid close contact with others for the first couple of days or until your fever has gone down and your symptoms have stopped feeling like they are “whole body” symptoms.

Avoid public places
Avoid public places when you are sick. Stay home from work/school to prevent spreading your illness to others. When you do go out, remember to wash your hands often.

Wash your hands more often
Even tiny amounts of germs can make some people sick. You need to wash your hands more often when you are around:

  • People who are in the hospital.
  • People taking medications that make them less able to fight illness.
  • Very young babies. 
  • People at home or in long term care who are elderly or have a long term illness.