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Proper Hand Washing

​The Northwestern Health Unit provides hand washing education and resources to the general public and to interested groups.
Your hands are the number one way to spread germs to others. Germs can be spread by either direct or indirect contact with surfaces. Using the proper hand washing technique is the best way to prevent spreading germs and getting sick.
How do I wash my hands properly?
1. Remove hand and wrist jewelry
2. Wet hands and wrists with warm water (do not use a stoppered sink or container)
3. Apply liquid soap from dispenser to your hands
4. Lather all surfaces of hands well using a lot of friction for 15 seconds
5. Rinse well under warm water
6. Use paper towels to dry your hands
7. Turn the taps off with paper towel (taps may be contaminated)
8. Discard used paper towels into lined, covered trash container 
Alcohol-based hand rubs
Alcohol based hand rubs are more effective than washing hands with soap and water when hands are not visibly soiled. These products can be extremely effective in situations where no running water is available (i.e. field trips).
The Northwestern Health Unit has the following posters available upon request:
  • Hand Hygiene Posters for Adults
  • Hand Hygiene Posters for Youth
  • Hand Hygiene Posters for Younger Children
  • Cough Etiquette Posters for Adults
  • Cough Etiquette Posters for Children