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Northwestern Health Unit Emergency Preparedness & Response

Public Health’s role is usually most active in the remediation phase of an emergency, after the initial threat to life and limb has been controlled, but early involvement with the emergency control group
facilitates our best possible response. Click here to download the PDF fact sheet.

Northwestern Health Unit’s mandated roles are:
  • To prevent illness and deaths by monitoring and managing risks related to food, water, environmental and person-to-person infectious disease spread
  • To offer credible, relevant risk information to the public and,
  • To provide liaison with the Ministry of Health and Long Term Care so that appropriate resources are available to the local response situation.

Examples of situations include:

  • Ensuring that temporary sheltering/feeding plans meet standards to minimize risk of food, water or person to person disease PRIOR to evacuation centres accepting evacuees
  • Advising the Control Group and the public about any health hazards and impacts, short and long term actions and possible effects
  • Advising and directing the Control Group on evacuation of buildings and/or areas for health reasons
  • Provide advice/support about drinking water safety (e.g. related to a spill)
  • Advise on food and water safety during the recovery period (e.g. communication to the public as they return home after a power outage)
  • Follow up and control measures when the emergency relates to infectious disease or cases of infectious disease impact the emergency (e.g. coordinate mass immunization) and,
  • During an emergency that compromises food safety, inspecting a food premises before they reopen.

Contact the NWHU:

  • Monday-Friday (8:30AM - 4:30PM)
    807-468-3147 or 1-866-475-6505
  • 807-468-7109 or 1-866-475-6505 (after hours)