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Emergency Preparedness Plans

Emergency Plan
This plan is a review of all important information that you and your family should know in case there is an emergency. Review the following:
  • Safe exits from your home and a safe meeting place in case of fire or other evacuation from your home.
  •  Emergency phone numbers (911, police, fire, doctor, telehealth, poison control, family and friends and utility companies).
  • Safety rules for smoke alarms, carbon monoxide detectors and fire extinguishers. Know where they are, check them often and replace batteries or units.  Ensure everyone in your household (adults and older children) know where the main shut offs for all major utilities are and how to turn them off.
  • Make copies of important documents (identification, insurance, wills, etc.) and keep them in a safe place with your plan, a safety deposit box or with out-of-town family members.

Family Communication Plan
During an emergency you might not all be together. Have a plan for how you are going to communicate with each other. During an emergency it might be easier to communicate using texting, social media or long distance calls than to call locally. Also identify two other contacts you and your family can call or text to connect and share information with in the event of an emergency. These contacts should live far enough away that it is unlikely that they will be affected by the same emergency

Evacuation Plan
In the event of an emergency you might have to leave your home or even your neighbourhood. Pick two safe meeting places that you and your family will go to if you have to evacuate. One should be near your home and the other should be outside of your neighbourhood. Be sure that you and your family know where these locations are and how you are going to get there. You might also want to decide where to take your pets or who will look after them if you have to leave them behind. In your evacuation plan, include the location of your emergency survival kit – you will want to take this with you.