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Northern Ontario Health Equity Strategy

People living in Northern Ontario – some 800,000 people – are more likely to have worse health, poorer access to health care and die earlier than people in other parts of Ontario. On top of this overall disadvantage for the North, many populations in the North face greater inequities than others.

A health equity strategy for those living in Northern Ontario is now available. It acknowledges the greatest health disparities in Ontario and demonstrates how to remove barriers for people living in the North facing inequities. It also addresses opportunities for health equity in the North as a whole, identifying ways to bring health outcomes across the North up to meet those in the rest of Ontario.
Guided by leaders in the North, Health Quality Ontario helped facilitate an in-depth multi-faceted engagement process with individuals in the North representing nearly 150 organizations and more than 300 participants.

Developed in the North, by the North, for the North, the Strategy gathers the passion and determination of diverse and resilient people. Read the Strategy:​​