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Vaccine Ordering and Transportation

Vaccine orders are due the first Monday of the month. E-mail the complete order form to or fax the form to 807-468-4970.
Each vaccine order must be accompanied by a temperature log book that includes the last four weeks of temperature readings. Maximum, minimum and current temperatures must be taken twice daily.
All vaccine orders being picked up must be transported in a hard sided cooler.  The cooler must be preconditioned to a temperature between 2 - 8°C. Read MOHLTC detailed instructions on how to pack an insulated container (page 17). 
Expired vaccines
Check the expiry dates on all vaccines when you receive them. Place the vaccines with shorter expiry dates to the front of the fridge. Remove expired vaccines and return them to your local health unit office along with the completed Vaccine Return Form. 

How to report a cold chain incident.​