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Hepatitis B Vaccine

This vaccine protects people against Hepatitis B
Who should get the vaccine? 
  • Travelers
  • High risk individuals (free of charge)
  • Grade 7 students (free of charge) 
Who should not get the vaccine? 
  • People who have had a bad allergic reaction to a previous dose of the vaccine
  • People with known allergy to anything in the vaccine
  • People with a high fever or serious infection worse than a cold  
Common Side Effects
Side effects include redness, warmth or slight swelling where the needle went in, maybe tiredness or slight fever for a day or so.  
Hepatitis B
The hepatitis B virus can permanently damage your liver. It's the biggest cause of liver cancer worldwide. You need your liver to digest food and remove waste from your body.
People with the disease often become tired, feverish, lose their appetite, and sometimes get yellow skin and eyes (called jaundice). You can get it and not even know it. That means you can infect someone else without knowing.
You can get hepatitis B through the blood and other body fluids from an infected person. Avoid sharing items like needles, razors, toothbrushes or having body/ear piercing/tattooing with dirty(unsterilized) equipment. You can't get hepatitis B from someone coughing, or from hugging or using the same dishes.
There is no cure for hepatitis B. Most people get well, but about 10 per cent will carry the virus for life and keep infecting other people. Some people will continue to have liver problems for the rest of their lives.
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