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Understanding Our Food System

Food is an important part of everyone’s life. It connects us to the land and our ancestors. It has the potential to heal us or to make us sick. It has the power to bring us together and strengthen our communities. However, the food system is also not working for everyone.

Food insecurity is a big problem – many of us don’t have enough food to sustain us, or can’t afford or find healthy food. Others don’t know how, or don’t have the time or resources to harvest and hunt country foods, that we know keep us healthy and strong as a people. There is much work to be done to ensure that our food system is working for us in Treaty 3.

That’s what brought people together in March, 2018 – to talk about our food system in Treaty 3. It was clear to all present that this gathering was a beginning of something – our conversations about food are just beginning and there is much work to do. 

The reason people came together was to:
  • Deepen the understanding and learning of the food system(s) in Treaty 3, including what is working well and what needs attention
  • Explore the roots and history of Indigenous food sovereignty and Indigenous food systems, including the effects of colonialism
  • Discuss and identify priorities for action in respect to Indigenous food sovereignty
For more information, see the reports below: