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The Scoop on Sodium

​Sodium is an ingredient that is found in many foods and can even be in foods that you would not expect. Around 75% of our sodium intake comes from processed and convenience foods. Be sure to read the food label and choose foods that have less sodium. Just because a food product may say “reduced sodium” does not mean that it is low in sodium. For a food product to be low in sodium it must be less that than 140mg per serving. For a food product to be sodium free it must contain less that 5mg of sodium. suggests a colour-coded system to help you choose products that are lower in sodium. Visit their website for more information.
Tips to decrease sodium intake:
  • Limit the amount of salt you add to your meals during cooking or at the dinner table.
  • Use spices and herbs to season your meals and snacks instead of salt.
  • Buy fresh products more often and processed and packaged foods less often.
  • Choose low sodium products more often.
  • Prepare your own meals more often to control what ingredients are going into them.

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