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Staying Injury Free

​Getting active is great for your health and will make you feel good. There is some risk to physical activity, especially if you have been inactive for a while or are trying a new activity. Check out the following tips to stay injury free while getting active:

  • Start out slowly - if you have been inactive for some time or you are trying out a new activity start out slowly to avoid injury. Try 10 minutes at a time and then slowly adding on time.
  • Talk to your doctor - if you are pregnant or living with a chronic disease or health condition you should talk to your doctor first before your start any new activities or increase your current level of activity.
  • Get the gear - make sure that you are using properly fitted protective gear and equipment such as helmets, knee pads, reflective clothing, mouth guard, etc.
  • Know your limits - while it is okay to challenge yourself and your body never push yourself beyond your limits. When exhausted you are more likely to injure yourself during physical activity.
  • Think of safety - get active with a friend, make sure someone else knows where you plan to go and when you will be back and avoid being alone at night when running, jogging or walking.
  • Food and drink - drink water before, during and after you are active. Eat healthy food before and after you are physically active to give your body the energy it needs to move.

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