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Getting Starting and Making Time

​Getting started is easier than you may think. It does not always mean going to the gym or an exercise class. The physical activity recommendations can be met through planned exercise sessions, active forms of transportation like walking or biking, as well as recreation and sports.
Start now and slowly increase your physical activity to meet the new Canada’s Physical Activity Guideline recommendations.
Ideas to get active
There are many ways to get active. Start by doing what you can and then look for ways to do more. Try activities that fit easily into your everyday life:
  • Everyone has a different level of fitness, so participate in what you feel comfortable in and enjoy doing: walking, hiking, jogging or running; riding a bike, skating, snowshoeing, swimming or dancing; cleaning at home or gardening. 
  • Walk for 10 minutes at a time or longer on work breaks, after work, before or after dinner.
  • Take the stairs whenever you can – do not use elevators or escalators.
  • Get up from your desk and stretch every half hour.
  • Walk or cycle for short trips to the store, to get mail, to work/school or to visit friends.
  • Walk over to talk to your co-worker, friend, or neighbour instead of sending an email.
  • Park a block away from work and walk, or if you take a bus, get off a stop early and walk the rest of the way.
  • Try cycling, swimming, or water aerobics for activities that are less weight bearing and might be easier on your joints.

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