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NutriSTEP® - Child nutrition screen

Healthy foods fuel your child’s body and will help them grow into a strong and healthy adult. One way to know if your child is getting the nutrients they need to stay healthy is by completing a NutriSTEP® nutrition screen. There are two different screens available – one is for toddlers (ages 18 to 35 months) and one for preschoolers (3 to 5 years).

How to complete a NutriSTEP® screen:
  • Contact your local health unit office to make an appointment. During your appointment, a trained health unit staff person will take you through the screening tool and discuss your results together.
  • Or, visit the UnlockFood website to complete the screen online.
We recommend that you visit your local health unit office to complete the NutriSTEP® screen so that a staff person can make sure you get all the results and information needed to help keep your child healthy.

What is NutriSTEP®?
The nutrition screen used by the health unit is called NutriSTEP®. This stands for Nutrition Screening Tool for Every Preschooler. There are two different NutriSTEP® screens: Nutrition Screening for Toddlers (ages 18 to 35 months) and Preschoolers (ages 3 to 5 years).

NutriSTEP® is a fast and simple way to screen for eating habits and identify nutrition issues in children. Each questionnaire includes 17 questions that can help determine whether toddlers and preschoolers are getting the nutrition they need to properly grow. The questionnaires are intended to be completed by parents, usually under the guidance of community professionals.

Why use NutriSTEP®?
The purpose of nutrition risk screening is to identify issues before they become serious or cannot be repaired and to refer those at risk for appropriate assessment and treatment. The NutriSTEP®
questionnaires provide:
  • Early identification of potential nutrition issues
  • Parent/caregiver referral to community resources for primary prevention
  • Parent/caregiver nutrition education
  • Support in evaluating toddler and preschool nutrition interventions
  • A means of monitoring community child nutrition programs
For more information contact your local health unit office or for expert nutrition advice from Registered Dietitians, visit

If you want to speak with a Registered Dietitian about nutrition and healthy eating, call Telehealth Ontario at 1-866-797-0000. ​

*The NutriSTEP® name and logo are owned by the Sudbury and District Health Unit.