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Local Foods

Buying foods locally is good for you, the community and the environment. Learning more about local foods and where to access them in your community can help you decide whether buying local food is a good option for you and your family.
Local foods:
  • Are grown and produced in your own community or region.
  • Include food from local farms, food producers, and markets.
  • Are seasonal fruits and vegetables.
  • May come from many miles away but are still considered to be from your region.
  • Reduce your ecological footprint or the impact you have on the environment.
Buying local benefits your community
  • It boosts the local economy with food dollars.
  • Brings together and supports community members.
  • Growing, cooking and eating food together are important social activities.
  • Consumers can support local agriculture, protect farm land and contribute to a healthy economy.
Buying locally is good for consumers​
  • Connects customers with food, the food supply and where foods come from.
  • Produce is fresh, tasty and does not require long distance transportation (transporting food is costly and impact the environment)
Buying locally grown food is good for farmers​
  • Farmers are recognized as important members of the community .
  • Enables farmers to sell directly to customers and local retailers, removing middlemen and giving farmers fairer prices for their food.
  • Farmers can focus on growing food, not the pressure of global market fluctuations.

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