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How can I help?

There are steps that you can take to influence the health of your entire community and make food security a priority.

Get in the know about the root issues of food insecurity and where people can get help. Check out the Community Food Programs for emergency food programs in your community - community kitchens, Good Food Box programs, and voucher programs - that exist to help low income individuals and families access healthy foods.

Donate food, money or your time to programs that increase access to food like school meal and snack programs, community kitchens and gardens, food banks, food boxes and emergency food programs.

Take action on measures to reduce the effects of poverty and food insecurity. Emergency food programs do not solve the problem of poverty and food insecurity on their own. They must be accompanied by a greater ‘social safety net’. Find out what your municipalities are doing to address the following and get involved in local committees working towards:
  • Higher social assistance rates that keep pace with increased cost of living.
  • More stable employment opportunities and standards (i.e. full-time, with drug benefits, that help to reduce precarious employment.
  • Guaranteed annual income for people living in poverty.

Learn More about addressing the root causes of food insecurity (written by the Ontario Society of Nutrition Professionals in Public Health (OSNPPH):

  • Position Statement on Responses to Food Insecurity. The Position Statement discusses the growing problem of household food insecurity in Ontario and the urgent need to advocate for income responses to effectively address food insecurity.
  • Income-Related Policy Recommendations to Address Food Insecurity. The document provides a detailed analysis of three policy areas (basic income guarantee, adequate social assistance, and reducing precarious employment) that address the root cause of food insecurity. This document accompanies the Position statement on the Responses to Food Insecurity and the Food Insecurity Infographic.
  • Food Insecurity Infographic. This infographic accompanies the Position Statement on the Responses to Food Insecurity and the Food Insecurity Policy Recommendations document.

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