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Healthy Living

The Northwestern Health Unit provides information and services to help residents of Northwestern Ontario live healthy, active lifestyles that reduce the risk of chronic disease.
Learn more about getting active at school, work and in the community - as well as tips to get started.
Food and healthy eating
Learn about the benefits of healthy eating, how to follow Canada's food guide - and tips to make healthy eating fun and easy.
Live tobacco free
Find information about how to quit smoking and how to help others quit.
Stay sun safe
Learn about the risks for skin cancer and how to protect yourself and your family. 
Limit alcohol use
Follow Canada's low-risk drinking guidelines.

Mental Health
There are steps we can take to improve and maintain our mental health. Read about making mental health a priority and connecting to additional resources.

Healthy Weight
Learn more about why having a healthy weight is important for our health.

Check out the health unit campaign for lots of ways to get active, eat healthy and make a difference in your community.
Public Health Question
  • Q:
    How do family meals impact my child’s health?
    ​Family meals are linked to choosing better foods and healthier weights. Children who eat dinner with their family are more likely to try new foods, eat more fruit and vegetables and become more aware of their hunger cues. It is important to avoid...