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Healthy Drink Choices

​Healthy drink choices are just as important as healthy food choices for your child’s body and teeth. Follow these tips to help make the healthy drink choice.

1. Water and milk are the best drink choices to offer!
Water keeps us hydrated and our bodies working properly and milk helps build strong teeth and bones.

  • Offer two servings of milk each day. A serving is 8 oz or 250mL. If your child doesn’t drink cow’s milk, offer fortified soy beverage instead. Remember, too much milk isn’t good either. More than three cups (750mL) a day can reduce your child’s appetite for other healthy foods.
  • Infused water is a great option to spruce up your water! Add a slice of fresh fruit or vegetable to your water glass or bottle to add some flavour. Offering infused water bars at schools or kid events is a great way to get kids excited about drinking water.

Did you know?

Water is the only food or beverage you should offer your child between regularly scheduled meals and snacks? Offer it often during the day to help them stay hydrated.

For more information on healthy drink options check out this video.

2. Cut out the sugar!
Many drink options have a have a lot of sugar in them. Do you really know how much sugar is in the drinks you are choosing? Here are some tips to cut down on high-sugar drink options.

  • Read the label. Check out the nutrition information on the drink label or ask for this information if you are ordering a drink that isn't in its packaging. Look for these words on the label. They mean that sugar has been added:
         o Sugar (brown, cane or beet).
         o High fructose corn syrup.
         o Dextrose, fructose, glucose or maltose.
  • Keep healthy options handy. Keep the fridge stocked with a pitcher of cold water (add a lemon slice for some zest).
  • Don’t buy them! Try not to buy or bring sugary drinks into the home to tempt you.
  • Be a role model for healthy habits. When we make healthy drink choices our friends and family are likely to make these choices too.

Did you know?
Sugary drinks can cause cavities. Low or no sugar drink options are the best option for your teeth and body. Check out a full list of tips for good oral health.

3. Choose these sugary, high-calorie drinks least often:

  • Water with powdered drink mixes.
  • Pop and soft-drinks - if you choose to drink pop, grab a no sugar added, diet variety.
  • Chocolate, strawberry and other flavoured milks.
  • Coffee or tea with added sugar - the sugar can really add up if consumed frequently.
  • Store-bought iced tea or iced tea made with powdered drink mixes - these can be high in added sugar and calories.

Did you know?
Kids DO NOT need fruit juice to be healthy. Fruit juice, even when labeled as ‘no sugar added’, still contains a high amount of sugar. It is better to eat a piece of fruit instead of drinking juice. Whole fruits have the added benefits of fibre and other nutrients not found in juice.

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