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Get Active Your Way Every Day

The Northwestern Health Unit wants to help all residents be more active. We work with partners and organizations to offer resources, activities and events. We help support, mobilize and create active communities in the Kenora-Rainy River Districts - where people live, learn, work and play.

People who are physically active live longer, healthier lives. Active people are more productive, and more likely to avoid illness and injury.
Our bodies are made to move. No matter what your age getting active contributes to your health and well-being. Learn more about the benefits of physical activity.

How much activity is enough?
Read more about the physical activity recommendations for people of all ages and stages.

Types of physical activity
Find out more about the many ways you can get active and the benefits of different types of physical activity.

Getting started and making time for physical activity
Life can be busy. Learn more about how to make time for activity in your day and some tips for beginning a new physical activity routine.